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Feb 4

GodheadSilo: Multiple Organic (from Elephantitus of the Night, 1995)

So, Wavves. I’ve been listening to their (his) new album, Wavvves. I flitter between liking it and feeling ambivalent about it. It reminds me of the 90s. Maura said a version what I was thinking:

[L]istening to this band made me think of long hours spent previewing faceless 7-inches in the basement studios of WNUR, and how trying to cut through so much of the distortion and half-formed songs hidden within their two-color sleeves was a slog in the immediate but the hope that maybe someday the bands involved would “graduate” to recording a full-length with formed songs, or at least a hook that leapt out of the pedaled-to-the-hilt morass was still there. This is like an album of those 7-inches, only without the editing.

Whenever I hear Wavves, I think of early GodheadSilo. I’m talking Scientific Supercake and Elephantitus of the Night, before the boys got too wrapped up in metal. I’m not saying Wavves are ripping off old GhS, but there are similarities. It’s music born from boredom in the suburbs, made during breaks from skateboarding or BMXing. It’s distorted and loud and rudimentary and, most importantly, rad.

But I can’t help but feel too old for Wavves. That’s not exactly right: I’m too old for Wavves to feel anything other than redundant. A redundancy of spirit and intent that must exist for the kids who missed out GodheadSilo, since GodheadSilo didn’t really make a permanent impression on the musical canon. But it doesn’t need to exist for me.

They’re not the same, but they are.

Anyway: “Freakazoids, robots: please report to the dance floor.”

This is my favorite GodheadSilo song.

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