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Jun 8

Fun while it lasted

I’ve really loved doing this blog but lately I’m feeling stretched too thin. Between this blog, my other tumblr, and of course the blog I still laughingly consider my “main” blog—despite posting there the least—not to mention writing a book, working a full-time job, and trying to have some semblance of a real, offline life, it’s all just a little too much. I’ve been weighing which of my blogs to discontinue, and this is the one I’ve ultimately decided to give up. Between this and the Slint book I’m just consuming way too much 90s indie rock and I don’t want to burn out, especially not until the book is done (which is a long way away). For those of you who are following me on tumblr, I hope you’re following me at Incidentals & Accidentals. A lot of the “content” (I use that term loosely) here will be folded back into that blog, just not so stringently bound to one decade.

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Jun 7


Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - I See A Darkness

I think a lot of people forget that Oldham has already written the most-perfect song.

Jun 5






thehandshake: loudest band ever

Jun 4


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Rocketship” from Now I Got Worry, Matador Records, 1996.


Brainiac - Juicy (On A Cadillac)
(Bonsai Superstar)


Polvo - Crumbling Down
(Exploded Drawing)

Jun 3



Belle and Sebastian - Seeing Other People

Jun 2


Pixies: “Monkey’s Gone To Heaven”

Why not make it a Pixies day?


Where’s my mind - Pixies

May 18


Tortoise - Cliff Dweller Society (Partial)

This five and half minutes of sonic excellence was originally digitized from clear, red vinyl. The original 15 minute track is comprised of several pieces, but I rarely listen to the others because I only want to hear this part. In fact, when I bought Gamera I became so familiar with the record grooves of this piece that I could literally drop the needle at the very beginning. Not an easy feat with clear vinyl.

Sadly, this section of my vinyl copy now skips because of the number of times I’ve listened to it over the years. I ended up buying a digital copy of A Lazarus Taxon from iTunes to hear the full thing again … but I still skip to 5:00 in the iTunes scrubber.

Flipside (in part) to the Gamera 12”

Did I ever mention that elclon and I worked at the same record store for a number of years around 97-99? Go figure we reblog each other so frequently.

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